Steph and Scott say I Do with family and friends in Tofino

Girl Talk

                            As you can see from these photographs that Steph and Scott shared their one of a kind Tofino Beach Wedding with their very close friends and family.Their day was truly magical with the fog rolling in and out at the right […]

Richard Norwood chef/owner of Norwood’s Restaurant in Ucluelet

Suzanne and I have worked well together on previous events. She is very good at keeping things on track for events and has good communication skills. She seems to always stay calm no matter what else maybe happening around her. A great asset in an event planner.” Thank you Richard! The feeling is mutual and […]

Recommendation for Tofino Wedding

This recommendation just came in from Josie and Jody Berry! “Suzanne was invaluable in planning my beautiful beach wedding. Like many brides, I had zero experience in planning such an event. Suzanne helped mold my scattered ideas into solid, but not ridged, plan that went off with only the most important hitch.”

Recent Comment from Tofino Bride!

When Layton and I first became engaged, I got to thinking about my ideal wedding. It came to me quite quickly; a cliff-top ceremony on the Isle of Wight with the sea crashing below, some old castles, maybe a jaunt over to Ireland for photos at the Giant’s Causeway. It was perfect! And totally impractical, […]

Courtney and Bruce got married on July 28th at Black Rock in Ucluelet

Suzanne it couldn’t have gone any better. I don’t know what I would have done if you had not been there the day of the wedding. You made everything calm and relaxed and were on top of everything! You certainly are in the right line of business. I will for sure call you the next […]

Jen and Layton say I do on the beach in Tofino

I had a small intimate family wedding  with the wedding party staying at the awesome Cox Bay Beach Resort with a fabulous cake made by Jeni Christie, a Luxurious Orchid bouquet designed by Tehu @ Crabapple Floral, Make-up By Alison from Long Beach Esthetics, Hair by Studio One and one of a kind Pictures taken […]

Guest Book Alternative!

  Looking for something different instead of a Guest Book for all of your Guests Good Wishes! Well look no more as this could be it! This could be used if you are Game Lovers and not be lost on a Book Shelf getting dusty….