Chris & Christina, September 10th

Up in the Air

Is this not the best fun wedding picture? I know, they seem to be a trend now. To do “The up in the Air Shot”  but it is relaxed and gives you an inside look at the fun couple and their Wedding Party really enjoying their time with the photographer. Now this photographer is from Tofino and is very good at getting you to go the extra mile and do things that you might not think you would do. These guys had so much fun they were almost late for their ceremony; they had gone before it to take some fun shots..

I am not normally too keen on the couple taking their pictures prior to the ceremony as I feel that the magic moment of ” The Look of Love” can be lost. I feel that it is part of my job as a good Wedding Planner to make sure that the photographer is in the right spot to catch that moment when the Groom sees his Bride for the first time all dressed and walking towards him. It is a moment unlike any other they will share together–she is vulnerable and beautiful and hoping with all of her heart that she takes his breath away!


Chris and Christina really wanted to spend as much time as they could with their family and friends who had traveled so far to share this day with them. So they decided to meet early to take some fun Bridal Party pics leaving them visiting time right after the ceremony. It did not take to much convincing from me to still have that moment of sheer unadulterated Love caught by Michael Farrow with his Canon. Chris waited alone for Christina on Chesterman’s Beach and needless to say was speechless at that magic moment and knew he was marrying his one true love.

I had been working with Chris and Christina for over a year on ensuring that their special day went of without a hitch and that their guests would join them in their love for Tofino!

Sure I'll kiss my Bride..



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