February 2nd, 2010


I have to share with you, what I do for a living. The reason for sharing it with you is that there are not that many rewarding careers out there. I help create a dream, a fantasy, a love affair of the heart. The secret that little girls share only with their favourite doll—–yes you’ve guessed it

“Their Wedding Day”

Can you feel it now, the anxiety, the bulid-up, the nerves, the prayers, the dress—oh yes the dress, there is only ever 1 dress for every bride, there are a couple of maybe’s but only 1 that when she steps into it her smile comes from within. Now don’t let me sugarcoat this buying a wedding dress is probably the hardest part of the entire wedding but if you have never experienced it, you must, simply ask if you can tag along with a friend or friend’s daughter. That joy that the bride exudes from the perfect dress is priceless! Now planning a wedding is not an easy feat especially a destination Wedding unless you know who can do what, where, how, on time and within your budget. Remenber most brides only do this once “Plan a wedding” whereas I get to do this often. I know who is the right fit for each individual couple and I know how to circumnavigate The Modern wedding with at least one or more member of the extended family. Elopements are becoming very trendy, they are both stress and fuss free and the bride and Groom do whatever makes them smile, be it running into the ocean with a vera wang gown or rollling up the new wool pant leg. I help create The Love story wedding memories

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