Getting Married in the Pacific Rim National Park

Some of the nicest sandiest beaches lie in our local National Park and yes you can get
 permission to be married there. 
This wedding was at South Beach 15minutes along the trail south of the Wickaninnish Center. Definitely a bit of a hike and then a few stairs, so before you decide on this being the perfect ceremony venue, think about how able your guests are or are not. 
The further away you go from the parking areas the more privacy you will get if that is important to you! South Beach is quite remarkable as it is more small pebbles and amazing small shells like the Olive shell than sand and it has a few huge rocks that are great for the dramatic backdrop or for the photographer to get some height as in this picture taken by local Jeremy Koreski.
So the wedding venue permit costs $30 and you have to apply to the parks for permission, now that is just to be allowed to use the park as your ceremony site, you still have to pay the park usage fee for all of your guests.The most reasonable way to do this is if you transport in/out your guests by Tofino Bus, this usually adds a little fun to the day as it is a yellow school bus that is the mode of transport–have fun!

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