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Ucluelet and Tofino are known for their excellent Restaurants, Great Chefs and Local Island ingredients and as a Wedding Planner to be able to honestly say that yes the quality is on par with the city–yes any city is a huge asset. But today I am not going to tell you about food but about the excellent talented Photographers we have that will capture your Special Day with emotion, passion and a genuine love of the job that will exceed all of your expectations.

The advantage to you to use one of these local photographers is that they live here, they know the area, the landscape, the lighting in good weather and bad and as you are aware we can get all kinds of weather in one short day. They all have their own favourite locations that gives them and you the natural backdrop for your photograph whether it is beach-side, beneath the ancient cedars, the rocky shoreline or amongst the colourful tidal pools that surround our shores.

Another point to think about especially if you are on a budget is the fact that they will not charge you travel or accommodation expenses and dependent on the circumstances they might even split their services so that they capture your ceremony and then later in the evening will come back and take pics of your first dance and cake cutting.

Food For Thought!

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    1. Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC Canada and yes it is a great place to get married with awesome beaches and really good services.

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