Josie and Jody at their Wedding in Tofino


So as you know we have had crazy weather recently with snow, hail, rain, storms and it is supposed to be Spring. Josie and Jody knew when they booked their wedding here in Tofino that the weather can swing either way and they were ok with that. But as you can see from the picture here on Cox Bay they got sun , lots of sun and quite a bit of wind and that was just fine! Josie made the dresses  and all of the matching accessories for herself, Jody and the very cute ring bearer and flower girl(Who stole the show), the colour was lovely. Family members played music, good job they brought speakers as the wind was loud, Mike Gitelman pronounced them Husband & Wife, Sandra Hunter from Ucluelet designed the flowers and Michael farrow took the pics. Family was what this wedding was all about and everyone helped out by creating their favourite meal for the pot luck dinner followed by the very delicious 3 tiered Chocolate Banana wedding cake which was baked on site the previous night.


I could give these two a job for the season!

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