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Over my years in business I have been looking for a wedding videographer to tell the story of my lovely wedding couples as they share their Special Day with their friends and family. I highly recommend this service to brides and grooms even though they think this might not be something they need or want. Having been a bride, I know that I was caught up in the moments as they happened and had an amazing time. I had spent a long time and a lot of energy preparing for this event and worked very hard to ensure that my guests were entertained and were caught up in all of the excitement throughout the ceremony and the reception. If I had a video recording of all of these special moments, a look here, a caress there, a fallen tear, a mother/daughter moment and many more magical memories that I had hoped to happen, I would be able to watch it and see those visions  and special moments that I had missed being caught up in my emotions and making sure that everything was running the way I had planned.

I have had the opportunity to work with a local Videographer Mark McKeough from On The Beach  as he captures the Wedding Day story in all of its entirety with sincerity, respect and mindfulness of other service providers. He does not  just record the ceremony, he blends in through out the day with the woodwork it almost seems and is witness to memory making moments all caught on film. Have a look at one of his videos on my Home Page and see if you agree. So from one bride to another if this is at all in your budget I would highly recommend putting your Love Story in the very capable hands of Mark Mckeough @



In Mark’s Words:

“On the Beach creates a short-form cinematic edit of your wedding day that captures the emotion, detail, beauty and spontaneity of the event.

The video is something that you will be excited to share with your loved-ones, and they will be excited to watch! Videos can be posted online as a perfect way to share your big day with everyone you care about. Care is also taken to capture the important moments  like your vows and speeches from your guests so that you can always have them to look back on.”

First, I would like to get to know you as a couple. How you met, what makes you unique, how you popped the question. Getting to know you is the most important part of my process. I will listen to all of your wants and needs, how you envision the day unfolding, ensuring that I can capture everything that is your vision for this special day.  Come the day of your wedding, I’ll be there every step of the way from start to finish, capturing every event and emotion that makes your day so special.

Video by Mark McKeough · Bruce & Courtney
from On the Beach on Vimeo. Bruce & Courtney chose an intimate oceanfront wedding in Ucluelet.

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