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Loving What You Do

Quite a few years ago, I was asked to plan a West Coast Elopement where the Bride to Be’s favourite song was “Feels like home” from the movie ” My Sister’s Keeper”, sung by Edwina Hayes from England.

Edwina Hayes was flown here for 4 days and stayed at Cox Bay Beach Resort. Edwina and I hid in the bathroom of the vacation rental the Couple were staying at until they came back from dinner. There was champagne chilling and chocolate dipped strawberries, scattered rose petals; so the bride to be thought wow this is lovely. But, wow was she speechless when her favourite song was being sung by a lady playing a guitar and walking out from the bathroom.

She said “Yes” and I felt so lucky to do what I do. Here is a link to Edwina’s Facebook page, doing what she loves to do – we have remained friends all these years later.

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