Mothers and their daughters !

Last minutes of advice.
            How many mum’s out there think about their little girls wedding day from early on in their childhood–you would be surprised, many of us!

We watch and listen and give hugs when needed, have a tissue close by and bake something sweet for the broken heart.

      Then one day you see that little girl all grown up with a twinkle in her eye for that someone special. And here you have to start letting go and hope that you have done your job of guiding and teaching and that the chosen partner loves her as much as you do.

You think you will be fine on the magic wedding day, no tears, total control, composed and then, you see her putting the final touches to her dress, last lick of lipstick and boom the tears start falling. No idea, no warning sniffles just the flood gates open and someone discreetly places a tissue in your hand. This is when your heart is beating pretty fast and you’re smiling through the tears–the moment you have seen in your mind for many a year is here and wow are you so proud! Your little girl is all grown up, here stands a beautiful young woman full of wisdom and love that you shared with her, ready to take on her new role of loving wife and maybe mother.
                Tell her You Love her, you’re very proud of her and that She knows where You are if she needs you for anything!

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