Save the Date Idea

One of the first things I  recommend to my new clients is to let their guests know about their wedding well in advance so that they can book time of work and budget for the expense of getting to Tofino or Ucluelet. A trend that started a few years ago was sending guests some kind of “Save the Date” token that simply say the date of the wedding and this can be sent as far in advance as you want..

I have seen a selection of different ideas on this, Dan and I made a magnet with a sunset pic of the beach we planned to get married on with the wedding date. Easy to make, cheap and not too expensive to mail abroad and could also be placed on the fridge as a friendly reminder. A close friend of mine sent “A Message in a Bottle with sand and shells”, you can tie  it into whatever your theme is.

I really like these! Simple snapshot of you both…

Save the Date


Save the Date


Wedding Date.

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