Tents on the beach!

I have been planning weddings for 4 years with my own business and for a couple of years before that locally and have been asked many times by prospective clients to please help them have their perfect West Coast Wedding on the Beach with a tent for rain back-up!
Sounds easy but it is not and just in the last weeks Gordon Johns of the Chamber of Commerce has got concrete information about the issue.

  • Tents for 12 and under are allowed on the beach as long as there is no liquor!
  • Tents for more than 12 people might be allowed but first a request to do this has to be presented to the District of Tofino for approval and stipulations set in place. There is a catch, No Liquor is allowed and the Tofino council only meets about twice in the summer months so your permission request has to be applied well in advance of your preferred date.

So unfortunately this does not work for all of you wanting to have your wedding and  the amazing view in a tent on the beach.

There are a few great places that have views and welcome weddings, whether they are Resorts, Restaurants or Private Houses, we look forward to assisting you in finding the right venue for your Perfect Day in either Tofino or Ucluelet

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