The Meaning of Love!

As I keep up with my daily social networking, I travel around the world by google and come across some sayings/quotes that make me smile.These in turn confirm that I have the best Job in the world. You might argue that, as you might really love your job. But as they say ” for every woman there is the perfect man and visa versa”, I think that their is the perfect job for each of us. Some of us might have a few jobs that we feel were designed with us in mind. I feel that through the years I have built computers, been a cook and am a  mother with 3 lovely girls,  I can now add Wedding Planner to my accomplishments, I have to admit that helping Brides, lots of Brides make their Wedding Dream come true is like getting married 40-50 times a year. I watch as the day itself unfolds with nerves and tears and love and tenderness. My most favourite moment as I hold my breath is when the Groom sees his Bride for the first time all dressed up and beautiful walking towards him–this moment is priceless and I try very hard to ensure that the photographer is on hand to tell that story on film. I listen as the vows are being repeated and quietly in my heart I say them over again to Dan(my husband) and so you might agree that Love does make the world go round and round and round!

Here are a few samples of Love that I want to share with you, if you have a special saying please share it with us.

Scrabble Love
Kiss Your Lips
Just Words
Simple is it not?
Love comes in all shapes
One Day
True Words


Love in the Sand
Dr Suess

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  1. I love the quote: “It’s never too late to live happily ever after” I use to say “Life is too short to pretend to be happy” I recently celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary…I’m happy because I believe in love….

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