The personal touch of Wedding Decor

Tin Wis–sage/brown

Every bride has a style all of her own and this is showcased even in her reception colours and decor.
Sometimes it comes right at the start of her wedding planning, she knows here fav colours and has an idea on style. Most couples who choose to get married by the beach, they tend to want to have shells and sand as their main theme. Now there are a few ways of doing that, you can have beautiful little glass vases either square or round ( like the classic goldfish bowl) with sand, shells, candles in them or shells/pebbles in water with a lovely blossom floating or floating candles. I myself actually had the shells, 2 goldfish(as i had a tank at home and could place them their after) and a purple Hydrangea floating on top.


Orchids immersed in water in a tall glass vase adds a lovely elegant look and dimension to a room, this is great if you have tall ceilings. The actual table decor is a big market these days, many companies have chair covers in an array of colours and styles and then there are organza or satin sashes that tie in your colour scheme for not a lot of money–usually $1-2 each. In this photo, I had a lot of fun, the colours were sage and brown, so the table overlay is actually wallpaper with a bamboo feel to it, white chair covers with  a sheer sage organza sash, a sand filled vase with local salal greenery to give us some height and then some twinkle around the walls.

I enjoy helping the bride choose her style and have quite the assortment of Rental items to choose from and you don’t have to worry about breakage while travelling here or what you are going to do with 14 vases afterthe event is over.  I am currently working on getting my website updated with all of my rentals.

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