Vow Renewal for Patricia & larry in Tofino in the rain as they celebrated 40 years together



Patricia contacted me back in December to see if I was able to help her plan a trip for her and Larry to celebrate their 40th Anniversary by renewing their vows with all of their children and grandchildren with them. Pacific Sands Resort in Tofino was chosen for accommodation, all rooms were booked and then all of the family were surprised to hear they were coming with them to witness the “Wedding”  that they had not had the 1st time around. Patricia decided to make her own flowers but wanted  local photographer Michael Farrow to capture the memory making moments and as you can see he did just that and more!

As everyone had made their way to the ceremony the raindrops started falling and boy did they fall but the vow renewal continued, the children did not complain and as a surprise for everyone they all contributed with A Sand Ceremony to tie them all together with different colours of sand into a unity vase. This keepsake will be visible I am sure for all to see back at home.

The new generation!
Magic Wands
Ian and the Sand

Local baker Jeni Christie once again made an amazing cake (yes I got to sample) with fresh flowers cascading down the 2 tiers and buttercream scrolls for a delicate finish.

cascading cake

After the ceremony as you can see from the pics everyone was wet, the sun came out and everyone got at least their feet wet in the Ocean, some of the girls went for a swim…

Thank you Patricia and Larry for allowing me to enjoy your day and meet your wonderful family! I asked them if they had any advice as to how to make it to 40 years together and they both agreed that they never went to bed angry with each other, if there was a problem they figured it out, no matter how long it took and Larry added that saying “Yes Dear” also helped.


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