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Where To Get Married In 2020

Looking back to 2018 & 2019 Wedding Inquiries

The build up for 2020 weddings was exciting! Looking to be a stellar year, where I was going to be working one-on-one with couples worldwide. Every once in awhile there are dates that have different meanings to different cultures 2020 was no exception.

For example, February 2nd does not sound special but when you numerically write it suddenly it has meaning: 02022020 – it is a palindrome date. Not just any Palindrome date but a Ubiquitous Palindrome. There will not be another for 101 years! The next one will be 03033030. How about that for your special day! Not only that but it was also Groundhog Day & Superbowl Day. Now granted, not sure that those events would overturn your magical wedding day.

In accordance with luck there are global traditions where repetitive numbers are also a good omen. A sign, real or imagined, of good fortune and a prosperous outcome. October 10th 2020(10102020) came in as the #1 most coveted date falling on a Saturday as did another bestseller June 6th 2020(06062020)!

Another example of a popular date was February 29, 2020. Yes, it was leap year! I had the amazing good fortune to work with my last couple before The Covid-19 lockdown, Vida and Trevor.

These soon to be newly weds chose Tofino, even though they knew the weather would most likely not be in their favour! We became very good friends throughout our planning journey together; sharing wedding ideas and others such as what Trevor was cooking for dinner while we worked through our To Do List or what GF/DF treats he would bring for his family to munch on while staying at the Pacific Sands Beachfront Resort and yes he sent me his coveted secret recipe- delicious.

After nearly a year of corresponding I met Vida & Trevor for the first time the day prior to their wedding day. We were making the final decision on where the ceremony was going to be. Trust me when I say gumboots and yellow slicker raincoats did not keep us remotely dry. The heavens opened up just to prove my adage saying “ That I can fix anything but the west coast weather”- I now have to add “ plus a pandemic”! Anyway, they did not care about the weather, they were in love, sooo happy to be getting married in Tofino! I find when couples really are not worried about the weather, they get a great day, and True To Form Feb 29, 2020 did not let me down; The afternoon wedding was perfect.

Looking Forward to 2020 – The Post COVID-19 Wedding Landscape

The busy year that my fellow wedding associates and I had envisioned did not turn out as expected. We are mostly owner/wedding operators working from our homes and we were ill prepared for the cancellations, distraught brides, plans continuously changing, no over seas flights allowed & lack of information coming our way. Essentially, a normally joyous profession had to take a few steps back and reassess how to move forward in a safe and cohesive way.

I am happy to announce that Tofino & Ucluelet are open for business once again, especially the Wedding Businesses, we witness very intimate moments and feel very fortunate to play a small part in these special occasions. So, what does that mean for you and your loved ones? Small celebrations are the safest way forward in our Industry, sadly this does not allow family or friends from our neighbouring country or from overseas where 2 weeks quarantine is not possible. However, it does mean that you can still get married!

A small group of people who would normally be considered “in your bubble” may witness you exchanging your vows physically while others may witness by live streaming your ceremony! Our beaches are perfect for outdoor ceremonies rain or shine! There are some locations still available for receptions in accordance with WorkSafeBC. There are many restaurants open to offsite catering for small groups staying in resorts, Airbnb or Vacation Rentals. Decadent Wedding cakes can still be designed. Hair & Make-up artists can still craft their magic on you and your girl.

Videographers are offering different options to ‘Live Stream” your West Coast Wedding and Photographers are excited to capture your “Love” within the surrounding beauty of the West Coast. Musicians can still serenade you vocally and musically; I can even offer a Bagpiper or Cellist out of my bag of tricks. So as you can see perhaps the big receptions with live music, flowing cocktails and dancing are not available yet in 2020, but small weddings can be.

I am available by email or by phone to help guide you along this very special time in your lives together, please do not hesitate to reach out and see what we can dream up together!

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